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There are a number of local and national organisations available to help families who are struggling or needing support. 

“Sometimes asking for help is the bravest move you can make. You don’t have to go it alone” - Anonymous 

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Multiples New Zealand

Multiples NZ is a nationwide parent-led support network assisting families in their journey from expecting to raising multiples.

The organisation is completely volunteer-run and seeks to address the diverse needs of families with multiples through networking, education, support and advocacy. There are 23 affiliate clubs around the country, including Wellington Multiples.




Bellyful nourishes and connects communities by cooking and delivering meals to whānau, with babies or young children, who need support. 

Wellington Multiples can contact Bellyful on your behalf, please let us know when completing the New Arrivals form.


Birthright New Zealand

Birthright is not-for-profit and specialises in working with families led by one person. There are 11 affiliate organisations, including Wellington. 

Neonatal Trust

Neonatal Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to provide, and coordinate, support to families of neonatal (premature or sick full-term) babies as they make their journeys through newborn intensive care units (NICUs) and special care baby units (SCBUs), the transition home, and onwards.

Newtown Breastfeeding and Parenting Support Centre

Newtown Breastfeed and Parenting Support Centre is a non-profit community-based centre, where mothers and babies can get expert help with breastfeeding and support with parenting.

Pregnancy Help Inc

Pregnancy Help Inc is a registered charity that provides free, client-focused practical assistance, information, and advice during pregnancy and early childhood.


SANDS is a voluntary, parent-run, non-profit organisation set up to support parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby at any stage during pregnancy, as a baby or infant.


Plunket is a charity and Aotearoa’s largest support service for the health and wellbeing of tamariki under-five and their whānau.

Ora Toa

The Ora Toa Tamaiki Ora /Well child Service is based in Porirua at the Ora Toa Health Unit and in Wellington at the Ora Toa Pōneke Medical Centre.  Their service provides free growth and development checks and support for your child/whanau, from birth to 5 years old. 

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa

PADA is a national charity that provides advocacy and awareness through training and facilitating connections and tools for health care providers who are supporting families with anxiety & depression due to pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting.


Little Shadow

Little Shadow offers counselling, support, and information for those experiencing perinatal distress. They walk beside you in your journey, working collaboratively with health professionals and other organizations to help you on your journey to wellness.


Miscarriage Support

Miscarriage Support offers support and information to the many women and their families throughout New Zealand who grieve for the loss of their babies.


Pepe Ora


Pēpe Ora provides information to help you find the right services for you and your baby in Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti, from pregnancy to before school.

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